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    Mannen - Resto druid



    Mannen - Resto druid

    Post  Guest on Mon Nov 14, 2011 9:32 am

    Character Information:
    Character Name: Manneen
    Class & Race: Resto Druid
    Roll: Resto as mainspec and balance off-spec
    Professions: Leveling herb and will be leveling up leatherworking as well. Herb is for the money and leatherworking is to craft myself some gear and help people crafting.
    Armory Profile link:
    Experience: Where to begin, vanilla perhaps. Back in Vanilla I played a 60 Hunter and encounter instances such as ZQ and AQ20. Didn't play much back then. However I stopped playing and the break was through the whole TBC expansion and when Wotlk begun I started leveling my dear Mage which have been my main for ages, 3 years to be correct. Cleared pretty much everything with him, Nax, Ulduar, Icc. Then in Cata I continued playing on him and got 4/4 BoT and 6/7 in BwD. Then all of a sudden I decided to quit and get rid of my account which I did. But now Im back on track with a newly dinged resto druid, dinged yesterday.

    I currently working hard on my gear to be able to get back in to the PvE scene and I understand if you don't want a undergeared resto druid in the roster but if you give me the time I'll be ready for anything.

    System Information:
    Connection Type: 8Mbit, very stable and trustfull.
    TeamSpeak: Yes, I have.
    Microphone: Yes, I have and use it on daily bases.

    Additional Questions:
    How old are you?I'm 18 years old.
    Which country do you live in? South part of Sweden.
    How would you rate your english on a scale from 1-10? 8 or a 9.
    Why do you want to join Limbo?I'm looking for a 10 man guild with a tight roster. So people in the guild really get to know each other and with a small roster you have the same raiding group and in time that group will get tight enough to manage to clear the content. I believe that Limbo already is a tight unit and I wish to be a part of it.
    What do you expect from Limbo?Fun and progressive raid, cyber friendship.
    Where did you hear about Limbo? I was scrolling around in the Sylvanas forum and found your thread and got intrested.
    Are you able to raid from 19-22 on thursdays, sundays and tuesdays?I believe not.
    Anything else you want to tell us?I'm a very active player and spend a lot of time infront of the computer and if not there I probably partying or with my girlfriend. I love to have discussions and discuss diffrent subject such as soccer, gaming and everything. Though not that much in to politics.
    I don't really know what to say, I prefer you asking me questions if you wonder something.

    Have you read and accept our guild rules? Yes, I have.

    Peace! sunny

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    Re: Mannen - Resto druid

    Post  Sipphon on Mon Nov 14, 2011 4:01 pm

    cool if I were to choose what kind of range dps we would recruit it would be a moonkin so sounds interesting to me.

    well your gear is horrible as expected if you dinged 85 yesterday, but we cant take you to our firelands heroic progress runs in that gear. Maybe in time or if we lacked the players to make a full guild run.

    non the less we seem to need range dps more then healers atm, but its always good with a working offspec.

    and in ur balance spec you want to have "starlight wrath" imo.

    this is all I can think off atm!

    but ye a Swedish skilled moonkin druid is kinda on my wishlist Razz


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    Re: Mannen - Resto druid

    Post  Spacekebab on Tue Nov 15, 2011 9:19 am

    I'm not sure if it was a typo or not. But you wrote "i believe not" on the question where we ask if you are able to raid thu, sun and tues from 19-22. If you can't raid those days then we don't have much use for you i'm afraid. So please confirm if you can't raid those days or if it was a typo or you misread what we asked :p

    I'll hold of with asking or pointing out anything else until you have replied

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    Re: Mannen - Resto druid

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