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    Guild Rules - Read before applying.

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    Guild Rules - Read before applying.

    Post  Sessansara on Thu Oct 13, 2011 2:35 pm

    About us:

    Limbo is a 10-man raiding guild that wants to enjoy the newest raiding content available to us. We want to keep our raiding roster small and therefore require that our raiders are active and can show for almost all of our raids. Our current progress is 2/7 on heroic and we would prefer if our applicants have at least 6/7 on normal.


    We are not a hardcore guild and only raid 3 days a week, each raid lasts for 3 hours. Our raiding days are as follows:
    Thursday 19:00-22:00
    Sunday 19:00-22:00
    Tuesday 19:00-22:00
    Server time of course.
    We require our raiders to be active and have around 80% attendance each month. Sure, there will be times when you won't be able to join but we expect those times to be rarely rather than regularly.
    We use calendar invites and we require that all raiders must sign atleast one day prior to the raid.
    If you have accepted for a raid and find out that you will be late or that you might not be able to come, then you must let either the GM or the officers know. If you cannot log in on WoW to tell us, then we also have a AFK-forum where you can post and let us know (The officers are very active on the forums and we check it regularly)
    Continued failing to tell the officers or write in the AFK-forum might result in severe consequences (Loot restrictions, or removal of the raider team).
    We see that progression and experiencing the newest content is our reason to raid. Loot is a bonus, not a goal.
    We do not give BoE items that were recieved from the raid to anyones off spec. We sell the items and if the items are worth a lot of gold, the guild will provide 10 flasks for everyone who were in that raid.


    We are a drama free guild and being ego, epeen or creating drama is not tolerated.
    We show respect to fellow guild mates, and other guilds as well.
    When an issue comes up we allow everyone to speak their mind, but in the end it is the officers word that is final (If the issue is about the guild).
    We require that our members are active on the forums, this means that we expect everyone to have read any news or updates we have written (We can see your activity and when you last were online on the forum).


    You will remain a trial until you have attended 3 weeks worth of raids (9 raids), after this period the officers will discuss your rank and decide if we want to keep you or not (We might also extend your trial if there have been some issues and we need more time to look at your performance).
    As a trial you will be restricted to recieve loot over a member who needs the same item for their Main spec.
    You will not have access to any guild repairs.
    Your performance will be watched during this period.


    Once promoted, you will have access to 200g daily guild repairs and your loot restrictions removed.


    If you have read these rules and accept them, then feel free to apply. We have an application form for you to answer. The application form is there for your guidance and only cover the questions we want covered, but feel free to elaborate or add more.
    Please take your time on the application (Sloppy or short applications will result in an even shorter decline)

    We're looking forward to reading your application!

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