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    Application template

    Post  Admin on Fri Aug 05, 2011 11:42 am

    If you're interested in joining <Limbo> you can apply by making a topic following our template.
    Please create a post and in the title include your characters name, class and roll.

    Character Information:
    Character Name:
    Class & Race:
    Roll: (MS/OS)
    Professions: (Which ones and why did you choose them?)
    Armory Profile link: (Please make sure to not log off in your PvP or OS-gear)
    Experience: (Tell us a little about your previous experience in raiding or other that you find relevant.)

    System Information:
    Connection Type: (What kind of connection do you have? Is it reliable?)
    TeamSpeak: (Do you have TeamSpeak3 installed?)
    Microphone: (Do you have a microphone and do you use it?)

    Additional Questions:
    How old are you?
    Which country do you live in?
    How would you rate your english on a scale from 1-10?
    Why do you want to join Limbo?
    What do you expect from Limbo?
    Where did you hear about Limbo?
    Are you able to raid from 19-22 on thursdays, sundays and tuesdays?
    Anything else you want to tell us? (This is where you're supposed to impress us! Wink)

    Have you read and accept our guild rules?

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