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    Damigeana- Hunter Survival



    Damigeana- Hunter Survival

    Post  Hunter on Sat Aug 27, 2011 12:10 pm

    Hi guys,my name is Gagiu Rares,i'm 21 and live in Romania.

    Teamspeak, Microphone: Ts,Ventrilo and microphone.

    Internet connection: 30 ms(home) /33-35 ms (world)
    (ms info)

    PC you raid on:

    Amd Athlon 64 Processor 2800+

    2 GB Ram

    Video Card: ATI Radeon Saphire 3650 HD 512 ddr3

    what days do you play days, hours: every day after 17:00

    Character section

    Character name: Damigeana

    Class: Hunter

    Spec: Survival but i can play MM if is needed

    Server: Sylvannas

    Armory link:

    Are your reputations with all necessary factions as high as they should be?

    Guardians of Hyjal: Exalted

    The Earthen Ring: Exalted

    Therazane: Revered (i need exalted for shoulders enchant,i had a break of playing wow but i will do my best to earn exalted very soon)

    Ramkahen: Revered(is enough and i can buy head enchant)

    days played on your character: 16 days(11 days at this lvl)
    First main character was warlock,so days played on that char: 27 days (21 days at this lvl)

    Dual-spec : Marksmanship

    Professions and reason for using them: I have Alchemy and herbalism(i selected this proffesion for that trinket and for flasks/potions,for this reason i keep herbalism)

    In-game section

    Your raiding experience in Vanilla WoW, TBC and WotLK :

    I must say that my first char was another warlock (name Isaxon,you can check on armory,but i sold that account to a friend because at that time i decided not to play anymore)
    And first i will present my raiding experience for that character,then for Isaxonn second warlock and finaly hunter Damigeana

    Vanilla: No Experience

    TBC:No Experience

    Toc 10/25 Cleared

    Icc 10 Cleared (10 hc/lK hc in cata). Icc 25 12/12(3/12hc)

    Malygos 10 Cleared

    Sartharion 10 Cleared

    Onyxia 10 Cleared

    Rs 25 Cleared on Normal

    Achievements above are for first warlock Isaxon.


    Baradin 10/25 Cleared

    Bot 10/25 Cleared

    Bwd 10/25 5/6 and Nefarian on Cata

    ToTfW 1/2 Al'Akir on Cata

    Firelands 1/7 ( i read about all encounters and saw some videos.can say that i know the fight for all encounters)

    Guild history of this character :

    Little Guild of Horros:good guild with nice progress in Bot and Bwd at that time,but many people decided not to play anymore and officers formed a 10m group.

    Emeritus: Current guild,a PvE and PvP guild.They have progress in Firelands 7/7normal but are 3 groups.Since i entered in this guild they don't offered me a change to prove my skills.Same problem every week"we don't have a spot for you,too many hunters.You must stay on the bench.F
    For this reason i want to leave this guild.

    Do you play actively outside of raiding? : For me only Pve.

    Reasons you want to join Limbo: I`m looking for a guild with pretty good progress and hope you have socciable and organized people.

    what are your expectations:

    anything else you want to share with us?:

    I'm hunting PVE achievements at the moment.

    Thank you for your time!

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    Re: Damigeana- Hunter Survival

    Post  Sipphon on Sat Aug 27, 2011 6:56 pm

    Good application, seem to gemmed and reforged correctly, tho I don't know much about hunters.

    we do have 1 hunter in our 10 man group, I don't see why having another is bad, tho might not guarantee a spot in every raid.

    So you might have almost the same problem as in ur current guild. I am leaving this up to Andonisius anyhow but thats a fast recap on my thoughts about it.

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