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    Baccus catbearpig application



    Baccus catbearpig application

    Post  Baccuss on Tue Aug 23, 2011 5:52 pm

    Character Name: Baccus
    Character Class: Druid
    Talent spec: Feral cat and bear, quite decent at boths specs and often switch many times in a raid depending on whats needed
    Playtime(/played):oh dear 237 days on this character, dont want to think about the others
    Current Realm:sylvanas
    Your professions:alchemy/enchanting with all end game stuff and some rare things
    Link to your armory profile for gear/talent check:
    Alts and their playtime: (/played):
    carnivo 85 warlock good enough gear for firelands alt raid
    vitandus 85 priest mediocre gear using for valor points farming
    and a few other alts in various levels

    Please state your raiding experience from previous expansions.

    Vanilla: molten core blackwing lair aq20 aq40 up to c'thun 1 boss in naxxramas onyxia kazzak, 2/4 of the world dragons

    TBC: gruul magtheridon karazhan serpentshrine caverns mount hyjal

    WOTLK:naxxramas eye of eternity onyxia ulduar icc -lich king heroic on 25 -halion hc 10 man

    Cata: 5/13 heroic bot/bwd and now 6/7 experience in firelands

    NOTE: Do not lie about your raiding experience. Armory is just a short click away and we can track your progress. If you have done bosses on another char, please provide a link to that character as well.

    Country: swe
    Age and sex: 30 male
    profession: alcohlic

    Are you able to meet our raiding days/times(Thursdays, Sundays and Tuesdays 18;30-23;00)? yes, yes i am

    1) Tell us something about yourself, who are you? My name is Andre live in norther sweden, and have been a gamer ever since that first 8bit nintendo in the 80*s

    2) Tell us about old guilds and why ain't in them anymore. raise again: disbanded in april more or less due to bad attendence and some core people left etc

    3) Why do you want to join LIMBO? well i raided with you a few weeks ago and quite enjoyed the raid was fun and thats what im looking for in the game

    4) What is the most important thing in WoW for you? having fun and making progression, also im a achivement nerd rank #9 on the server i believe

    5) Tell us your raiding rotation/priority as dps/tank or how and when YOU use your different healing spells if you're a healer.

    6) Got any other applications up and running? no

    7) When is the right time to go afk during a raid? when nature calls

    Cool Is this your original account or are you sharing it with anyone? mine and mine alone

    9) Do you got a good internet connection? Ms in raids etc: yes, only the rare disconnect

    10) Do you have Ventrilo and a working microphone? yes

    13) Is your computer good enough for 25 man raids? Do you have any problems with FPS, when you pull 90128921 welphs for example?
    oh yes, bought a expensive one last year and its idd good enough i7

    14) Something more you wanna add? This is important tell us something that makes us WOW WE WANT YOU!"!!

    Im hoping that if im accepted and invited there is a raid spot as id like to raid

    thank you / baccus


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    Re: Baccus catbearpig application

    Post  Sipphon on Tue Aug 23, 2011 9:30 pm

    looks sweet. I am Swedish aswell but I might aswell write this in english incase someone else wants to read it.

    We are currently having 2 melee dps in our 10 man core group.
    and we have 2 trail tanks with us atm.
    so seeing as you can do both could be very usefull.

    I wouldent mind making a rotation in melee dps if that melee dps could be used as tank aswell.

    and I am leaving the tank discussion to Andonisius, tho I am not sure if ur applying MS as dps or tank.


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    Re: Baccus catbearpig application

    Post  Spacekebab on Tue Aug 23, 2011 9:41 pm

    Well it seems you haven't used our application template, but that doesn't matter.
    Our raid times are actually as follows: Thursday 19:00-22:00, Sunday 18:00-22:00 and Tuesday 19:00-22:00. And we are also a 10-man guild, somewhere in the application there was something saying we were a 25 man guild, but you've raided with us so I'm sure you're aware of this.

    Also I prefer people to be able to raid atleast 90% of all raids, since we don't raid many hours or many days.

    I'm thinking I'd like to try you as a trial for tanking, with the possibility to dps. But mainly tank.

    Does all of this still interest you?
    Guild Master

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    Re: Baccus catbearpig application

    Post  Sessansara on Tue Aug 23, 2011 10:07 pm

    Hmm.. As the number one achiver in this guild I'm not sure how I feel about you joining....... Wink

    The run where you raided with us you did good and you seem to have the right attitude. Smile

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    Re: Baccus catbearpig application

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